Tips For Delicious Homemade Burgers

The burger is no longer just bread, a slice of tasteless cheese and a steak. Discover how to make real homemade burgers with our ideas.

This dish, icon of American fast food, has carved the lion’s share in the country of gastronomy that is France. Few restaurants and breweries do not offer at least a la carte burger. If at first, the burger is confined to fast food, it is adopted by the chefs who bring him a french touch. It’s made in the local fashion with cheeses from home, buns bread inspired by real bread and local toppings that change the classic “tomato salad onions”. With our tips, discover how to make tasteful burgers here at home.

For carnivorous burgers

A good steak

Of course, to make a good burger, the basic number one is to prepare it with a good chopped steak. Do not take it ready, but prefer minced meat to shape and season it yourself. To prepare a good burger steak, start by placing the meat in a container and add a good pinch of salt. Then, it is according to each one, you can incorporate a pinch of sweet paprika, spices with chili, pepper of Espelette, garlic or pepper to raise a little the taste.


Although not essential, grilled bacon is a classic ingredient in burgers. Especially do not choose the round bacon in the shelves, but the smoked chest slices. All you have to do is brown it in the oven to make it crispy.


If you are not very red meat, you can opt for chicken fries, a fillet of chicken breast breaded in golden breadcrumbs. The secret to your breadcrumbs is cooking: after soaking the fillets in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs, let them cool for 30 minutes before cooking. For a lighter and less oily recipe, put on sliced ​​chicken breast. Previously, marinate the meat in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, thyme and rosemary to flavor the chicken.

For fish burgers

The burgers can also go to sea. For your dish to have an iodized flavor, opt for a nice slice of smoked salmon or smoked trout with a rösti, a potato pancake to give thick in the mouth. For a more regressive burger (perfect for kids) you can also use a breaded cod pad.

Cheese, a vital element of the burger

Avoid using square and yellow cheese that you will find easily under vacuum in supermarket shelves. It is fat and has very little taste. Choose fresh slices of Emmental, Gouda or Mimolette to add character to your burger.

And like France, it’s like the country of cheese, do not hesitate to dig into the long list by favoring the tommes, raclette and morbier or the oven of Ambert.

Bread, an ingredient not to be neglected

You can easily find burger buns in supermarkets, but you can also place an order at your baker, they will only be better. However, you can also put your hands in the dough and make your bread at home, here are some recipe ideas.

The sauce, the secret boot of the burger

The sauce is the magic ingredient that rocks a burger into a good burger. Just see how a big fast food brand plays with the mystery with one of its sauces. It is she who avoids it being too dry but also that it is of taste. Here are some ideas for turning your burger into a divine dish.